Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If you don't know now you know: We Are Living in the Cashocracy

In our existence their our few things our body cannot survive without, here list is the top three the human body needs for survival:
(1) Oxygen
Have ever tried to hold your breath for any length of time? If so, you will reach your allotment and automatically inhale air into your lungs, as breathing is a natural function and your body fights against this when its tested. Oxygen is the most important element and we can only live without it for a matter of minutes. We can live for a few days without water--3 to 5 days and healthier humans can live another day or so longer--, several days without food--10 days-- but our vital organs like the heart and brain cease to function without air supply, in fact after 4-6 minutes without air the brain can be irrevocably damaged.

(2) Water
Water is the lifeboat that steers us to salvation. Its vital to healthy living and our bodies are comprised of  water in the form of  saliva, tears, digestive juices, sweat, lining our heart and brain and in our blood. Water makes up 72% of our whole body weight. A person's homeostatic balance depends largely on the availability of water. Without it our major organs fail. Athletes know the value of water, as they exhaust their bodies supply through  physical exertion and hydrate to replenish the body’s natural reserves.

(3) Blood
    It is a tacitly stated fact that blood is one of the most important parts of the human body. Blood distributes integral substances like nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body. Blood also participates in the transference of carbon dioxide and other waste products away from the cells, to the lungs, kidneys, and digestive system; from there they are ejected from the body. In addition, the blood also helps combat against infection in open cuts in the body.Our body has billions of cells that need a constant supply of fuel and oxygen to operate. Blood meets these prerequisites and assures a competent functioning of  the cells, thus, also making sure that our body is  totally salubrious.

                                    What is completely inconceivable is how one abject, indecorous, piece of paper that is made out of 25% linen and 75% cotton with blue and red synthetic fibers supercedes them all--yes I am talking about money, our paper deity.
                                    Jay-z said in his song "Threats", "You ain't gotta go to church to get to know yo' God" He was right, because America's God is sitting in your wallet--or not depending on your socioeconomic status. I challenge the American people to form an uproarious party and completely overhaul our money system because of one simple fact: YOUR MONEY IS NOT REALMONEY=DEBT and DEBT = MONEY! Let me explain this for all those who are dubious:

            The United States Government decides it needs some of those trusty,god-like pieces of paper with dead freemasons on them, so it calls up the Federal Reserve, and requests, ehhh, 10 billion dollars? The fed replies, says ” Sure… I got what you need homie, but we require 10 billion in government bonds from you.”
So, the government calls up the  then takes some piece of paper, decorates them immaculately some and calls them ‘Treasury Bonds’. Then, it puts a value on the bonds to the sum of 10 billion dollars and sends them to the Fed. Not to be outdone, the people at he Fed also print some awe-inspiring pieces of paper only this time they are called ‘Federal Reserve Notes’…also designating a value of 10 billion dollars to the set.
The Fed then takes these notes and trades them for the Bonds. Once this exchange is complete, the government takes those 10 billion in Federal Reserve Notes and deposits it into a bank which at that point the paper notes become ‘legal tender’ money and adds 10 billion to the US money supply. So, poof… 10 billion in new money has been created. In all reality, this transaction would happen electronically, with no paper used at all; only 3% of the US money supply exists in physical currency. The other 97% essentially exists in computers alone.

If you have not figured out by now, government bonds instruments of Debt and when the Fed procures these bonds, with ghost dollars, the government is actually promising to pay back that money to the Fed.In other words...every dollar in your pocket is an instrument of debt. 

So,let's talk about that 10 billion dollar deposit  becoming part of the bank’s Reserves, just as all deposits do. Modern money mechanic states that: "A bank must maintain legally required reserves, equal to a prescribed percentage of its deposits.And then it states that under current regulations, the reserve requirement against most transaction accounts is 10%.This meant that with a ten billion dollar deposit, 10% or 1 billion is held as the required reserve, while the other 9 billion is considered an excessive reserve and can be used as the basis for new loans.

Now, about that 9 billion that you may pragmatically assume comes out of the existing 10 billion dollars deposit... IT DOESN'T!  Peep the scam though:The 9 billion is simply created out of thin air, on top of the existing 10 billion dollar deposit;this is how the money supply is inflated!

Now suppose some Joe or Jane Public walks into a bank and borrows the available 9 billion dollars. They will then most likely take that money and deposit it into their own bank account. The process then repeats, for that deposit becomes part of the banks reserves, 10% is isolated and in turn 90% of the 9 billion or 8.1 billion is now available as newly created money for more loans. And, of course, that 8.1 can be loaned out and redeposited creating an additional 7.2 billion…to 6.5 billion.. to 5.9 billion etc,etc,etc,etc.
 For every deposit that ever occurs in the banking system, about 9 times that amount can be created out of thin air.

 Are you upset yet? Are you incensed about being a slave to international bankers? Are you infuriated that we all are the Boxer character from Animal Farm telling ourselves "The solution, as I see it, is to work harder. From now onwards I shall get up a full hour earlier in the mornings."? Well I am and you should be too!  Be mad at this and how the upper 7% by wealth now have 24 times more money than the bottom 93%
Wu-Tang was right "Cash rules everything around me" We are living in this cashocracy, struggling to find alternatives.                                                                                                                                                       

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